In today’s world, social media is a must for any marketing or communications strategy.  You simply cannot be effective without it.  The old-world comparison would have been the Yellow Pages.  You remember those, right?  Even as recently as 25 years ago, if your business was not in the Yellow Pages, you were hopeless.  That was the paper version of Google.  And the Yellow Page books of that era weighed a ton.

Fast forward, and social media outlets have the same importance.  Without it, at least in some rudimentary fashion — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for B2B, Snapchat or Instagram at the very least — you are dead in the water.  The philosophy of “if you build it they will come” simply will not work.  So take time to build the case if your CEO places little value in the social media environment required for businesses to thrive today.

This article from Zuggand really helps focus the discussion when you have to make that pitch to your CEO.