Common Sense Approaches for Small Business

For small to medium businesses who cannot afford a large agency or firm to help with their business and marketing needs, I am available to help! I have over 20 years or marketing, communications, and business experience.  I take the view that every business has its own personality and mission, and that no one-size-fits-all solution is for everyone.  I'll work with you to identify solutions to your problems that make sense and won't break the bank.

Digital Marketing

It all starts with a world-class website...or at the very least an effective and properly responsive site. Then I branch out and evaluate your social needs based upon your customer base and your business capabilities.

I don't believe a business should bite off more than they can chew.  Do what you can do well, and expand later when you are able.  I'll also work with you on search engine optimization tools, google adwords, and even site monetization.


This really can cover a lot of territory.  It's not just the how you communicate, but what you communicate.  What kind of content are you getting into the marketplace?  Is it the right content?  How is it being distributed?  How do you know it's working?  I can help you build a media and communications plan to help keep you on track with your business goals.

Consumer Research

How well do you know your customers? Not just anecdotally.  Do you really know your customers?  You need to know more than what they are buying from you today, but what they aren't buying that they should, and what they will want in the future.  Have you built personas to help define your marketing strategy?  Without a true understanding of what motivates your customers, you not only leave potential customers out of your strategy, but may lose current customers to more savvy competition.

Specialized Services

You name it, at some point I have probably done it.  I have served as a public relations point-of-contact, a corporate trainer, news reporter and I even ran a hotel (long story, and thankfully it was brief.)  I was even contacted once to help identify a sensible network strategy for a local non-profit.  So just never know what I'll tell you.

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