I always love articles that are written to predict the future.  I’m not suggesting that Ryan Holmes at Fast Company has this one wrong…there is simply no way to know that today.  

Essentially, he suggests that the Social Media landscape has changed dramatically in the years since the launch of Facebook Pages.  No shock there.  As marketers and business leaders, we’ve not only been witnesses to the change, we’ve ridden the turbulence that has been the hallmark of the changing social media flight path.  

Basically, Holmes suggests that the pay-to-play advertising model for business’ social media efforts is now in full froth…there is simply no escaping it if a business wants to be effective at in social spaces.  And we have to be more creative in leveraging the resources at our disposal, including our own employees as advocates.  He also suggests that engagement with customers will become even more important to social media strategies, but more as a way to inspire them to create content with your company, not necessarily for your company.  We’ll see how close Mr. Holmes gets to the truth, so check back in December.  

The piece is a nice read…you can read the full article here.