Posting directly to Instagram from your PC is possible!  This has been one my biggest gripes with our friends at Instagram.  The odd lock-down they had in place made it difficult for you to post directly to the Instagram app from within the desktop PC environment.  After some searching, I found the way to do it.  I hear there is a way to do this within Safari, although I have never tried it.  What I did discover and test was how to do this in Google Chrome.

So here are the steps:

  1.  Log in to with your credentials.
  2. Once logged in, right-click anywhere in the page with the mouse to bring up the context menu.
  3. At the very bottom, you need to select Inspect.  You can also shortcut to this by using the key combination of CTRL+SHIFT+i.
  4. Your screen should change, and look something like this:
  5.  Treat your mouse pointer like your finger.  You can use it to scroll or select items on the simulated “screen”.
  6. Just above the top of the simulated phone, I selected Nexus 6p and 75% view.  Note that you should see the standard Instagram buttons across the bottom, as if you were accessing the app from your phone.  
  7. In the upper left, the 3-dot menu button gives you access to some cool features.  You can show or hide the phone frame, and take screenshots.  This is particularly useful if you are testing a mobile website.
  8. Now you can add photos or videos as if you were using the app from your phone.  Select the camera icon at the bottom, and browse from your PC to the image you wish to upload. Add your comments, hit “share” and you are all set.

The only functionality that appears to be lacking is the ability to apply filters.  But in this case, I can see no good reason why you would need it.  This is most useful for marketers posting finished pieces supporting to a campaign, not someone who would take a photo at the park and adding Lo-Fi to give it some pizzazz.

So for you marketers out there, enjoy the new toy!