writing-furiouslyOK, so you may be wondering where I’ve been the last couple of weeks?  Or maybe you haven’t.  Either way, despite popular theories out there, I was not kidnapped by a Venezuelan Cartel, nor was I abducted by aliens, or even getting some sun in Aruba (darn.)

I’ve been taking a break to do some writing on Mystery Shopper program development for small organizations.  The whys and hows, and trying to demystify the process so almost anyone can leverage it as a way to help your business.  I don’t want to give away the whole show or anything — but I clarify that a properly implemented mystery shopper program is not a research tool.  It’s a management tool, and one that can be implemented effectively for any sized business or organization that has a presence with end-user consumers.

In any case, this project has taken more time than anticipated, because I am seeking to be thorough.  What I expected to be a single post is turning out to be a series of them, in order to ensure that I am covering all of the bases. I’m really looking forward to publishing the first article in the next few days.

Stay tuned.  🙂