An example of the weekly template I created.

Just like email, paper is not dead yet either.  I use a digital task manager called Todoist.  Along with managing my calendar on my tablet/phone, it has an exceptional desktop interface.

As committed as I am to digital, I still find myself using paper.  First, I often remember things I write more than things I type.  There are stories out there that demonstrate that I’m not the only one.  In addition, I don’t always have the ability to type notes into a computer or tablet.  Note-taking on my phone just isn’t practical.

So I created some handy templates that I use to manage various aspects of my paper life called SimpleNotes.  They are free for you to use and even share.  If you like and would also like to see some alternative templates, feel free to leave a comment here and let me know.

You can access the templates here, or from SimpleNotes on the menu bar.