I have become a big fan of the Staples Arc customizable notebook system, particularly the statement size.  It’s flexible, and offers a number of interesting and useful ways to organize notes, planning pages, calendars, and more.  If you get an Arc Desktop Punch or compact punch, you can print and insert your own pages.

I have created my own templates, and I’m happy to offer them to anyone, no charge.  I call them SimpleNotes, because I was seeking a printable solution that was simple to utilize.


  • These are all designed for statement size notebook solutions (5.5″ x 8.5″), and may be printed double sided if you printer supports that function.  If not, It is possible to flip pages manually for double-sided printing.
  • Your printer may need to be set to print double-sided, and make sure you select to short edge binding.  Consult your printer instruction manual for additional support.  You may need to experiment.
  • I recommend 32 lb white paper.  When punched, it holds up in the binders very well.
  • Feel free to click on the images below for a preview.
Notes Pages

Half-Page / Letter
Task Pages

Half-Page / Letter
Weekly Planner

Half-Page / Letter
Project Planner

Half-Page / Letter
Weekly Menu Planner

Half-Page / Letter
Daily Planner

Half-Page / Letter
The Grid

Half-Page / Letter

Download the complete collection:  Half-Page / Letter