Dr. Donald Nieman wrote this piece that appeared in The Conversation on Monday, indicating that Trump should be more like Lincoln to be successful as President.  It almost reads like a lecture.  I don’t blame Dr. Nieman for that…there are plenty of folks out there looking to lecture Trump on one thing or another.  

I also think that the points that Nieman makes are good ones.  Were Trump in a mood to heed such counsel, it might make a difference.  After all, Lincoln set the gold standard for leadership.  He didn’t always have things fall into place the way he would have liked of course.  But his steadfastness, strategic mind, and common sense set him apart from nearly all United States Presidents.

But here’s my question…were there similar articles written to lecture Bill Clinton?  George W?  What about Barack Obama?  I have no issue with taking Presidents to task for not behaving like the greats.  The reality, however, is that the list of truly great President’s is an appallingly short one.  And expecting anyone in this age of political Armageddon to actually rise to the level of Lincoln, while a lofty and desirable outcome, is simply unrealistic.  

Perhaps a press of the ‘reset’ button might get us back to where we need to be.  Regrettably, Lincoln isn’t available.