Robert Griffin

About Me

A graduate of Angelo State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, I've had the good fortune of a varied career experience. My background includes running a US Congressional campaign, experience in a television newsroom as an assistant producer, and director of a convention and visitors bureau.

My specialty has always been consumer research and creating marketing strategies for success. I have built a career on a solid foundation of doing the basics well, while testing the limits with creativity, and capitalizing on opportunities.

In addition to my success in business, I have enjoyed a long devotion to volunteer work. I've been grateful to help a small historical society, served twice as President of a Kiwanis club, been an aggressive advocate for hunger relief, and a devoted volunteer in many levels of the Boy Scouts of America. I've also been known to have a pretty snappy chili recipe. :-)

A devoted father and husband, I live in a great area of upstate New York. I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, tennis, and a great movie every now and again.

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Angelo State University